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7 reasons why every athlete needs a chiropractor

7 reasons why every athlete needs a chiropractorIf you’re an athlete, you will want to hear this.

No matter what sport you play, injuries are always a possibility. To prevent recurrent injuries and increase your body’s recovery time, every athlete needs to be adjusted by their athletic chiropractor. Every professional sports team has their own athletic chiropractor, how is your situation any different? The most important aspect of being an athlete is staying healthy and mobile. Your athletic chiropractor is ready to help!  If you need a physical done, our doctors are at your side!

Your athletic chiropractor can help!

Higher mobility

One of the most popular treatments in sports medicine, is Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). This treatment aims to provide athletes with greater flexibility and pain-free movement. Surprisingly, Football players often rely on OMT to prevent injuries during the season. A study by Virginia Tech in 2012 showed the positive impact on performance in both offensive and defensive Virginia Tech football players after OMT.

Keeps baseball players on their feet

Baseball is undoubtedly a physically demanding game that requires quick bursts of energy to run to the bases or swing the bat. Unfortunately, rotator cuff injuries, back strains, hamstring pulls and neck pain are all too common as a result of these activities. Several studies have demonstrated that chiropractic prevents hamstring and other  injuries in baseball players. Muscle strength and long jump distance was greatly improved in those  who regularly received chiropractic adjustments.

 Relief for Hernias

Between 5 – 20%of sports injuries involve groin pain most commonly caused by “sports hernias.” A 2012 study showed that soccer players with sports hernias were relieved of pain following 8 weeks of chiropractic care and rehabilitation.

Olympians are proud patients of chiropractors

Michael Phelps took home 5 golds and 1 silver medals for the US in the past year’s summer Olympics. He is among hundreds of top athletes that are proud patients of chiropractors. Just some of the examples include Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Evander Holyfield, Tiger Woods, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. For decades, chiropractors have worked with Olympic athletes to improve their strength, recovery time, endurance, and range of motion during training. Also, athletes receive chiropractic care at the games to keep their competitive edge.

 Relieves Tennis elbow fast

Tennis elbow is no stranger to  tennis players as 50% of tennis players can expect to get tennis elbow during their lifetime, and about 33% will experience severe tennis elbow. The same motion repeated over and over again for hours isn’t easy on the elbow! Specific joint manipulation therapy used by chiropractors to treat this condition aims to relieve pain and promote healing. Then, you can get back to swinging hard and not worry about recurrent injury.

Increases physical strength

Clinics in Sports Medicine have shown that athletic chiropractic is effective against musculoskeletal issues. Also, it can promote physical strength. This is useful in martial arts, gymnastics and almost every sport. A study researched national-level judo athletes and discovered 16% increase in grip strength after undergoing only 3 chiropractic sessions. If you would like to see similar results in your athletic performance, visit your local chiropractor today.

Helpful for Hockey Injuries

Ice hockey is a full-contact sport like football and sever injuries are common. Regular chiropractic adjustments relieve the painful symptoms of recurrent shoulder instability.

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